Monday, November 10, 2008

never will

i fell on my knees and folded my hands to pray. after a long, long silence, i didn't know what to say. forgive me? do You still love me? i know You do. but something inside keeps telling me it's not true. perhaps You've already forgotten the times when we used to talk for hours over uninterrupted lines. i heard what Your thoughts were and You knew each one of mine. when i said i was alright You knew i wasn't fine. have things changed since then? my heart tells me yes. but Your words remind me to whom i possess. "You are my people and I am your God, lift up your eyes and know I am Lord." there's no space for doubting that You have heard my stuttering speech and hesitant words. there's no denying the place You have in my heart and as i wrapped up my prayer i knew we never will part.

lishun at 5:47 PM