Tuesday, October 28, 2008

no postponement

i woke up with palpitations just 30 minutes ago. for some reason, westlife's "us against the world" was playing on loop in my head. and i was reminded of all the things i haven't done, the deadlines that are coming up...deadlines that will not be postponed.

electives. cfcs. revision for the finals (only 3 1/2 months to go!). reports.

all not done. all have to be done by next month. and here i am, overwhelmed, wanting nothing more than to go to my favourite shop in bangsar and absorb a good book while digging my spoon into a martini glass filled with mango yogurt.

procrastination has been the word of the day for too long. denial. irresponsibility. aargh!

right now i wish i could go back to sleep and, when i wake up, it'd all fall into place.

lishun at 4:24 AM