Monday, November 03, 2008

tomorrow tomorrow

earlier this year, on the 8th of march, i cast my vote in the general elections. it was one of the most memorable moments in my life because it meant exercising a fundamental right of any person in a free country, the right to elect my leaders. the fact that my vote was an informed vote made it all the more valuable. it was probably the first time i have ever truly experienced the meaning of democracy, the first time i have ever felt like i had a say in the matters of malaysia.

tomorrow, scores of young americans will cast their vote for the first time too. i was very impressed by how everyone made an effort to get the young and apathetic to take notice of what's going on in the usa and in the world. celebrities, bloggers, mediamediamedia...everyone is encouraging everyone else to not waste their right to vote for the next president of the united states.

i just hope that every single american who is eligible to vote will make their way to their respective voting centers tomorrow knowing why they're voting for whoever they've decided will be president for the next 4 years. i hope they understand the importance of that slip of paper or that push of a button and will choose wisely.

if what has happened in malaysia since the day i submitted my ballot is anything to go by, then every vote has the power to change the course of a nation and, in the case of america, possibly the world.

i can't wait to see what happens tomorrow. =)


ok let's make that more like wednesday night. polls don't close in alaska till 1pm malaysian time. haish.

lishun at 6:21 PM