Tuesday, February 10, 2009


a lecturer told us that it's a good sign when we don't remember any exam questions because you almost always remember the ones you screw up, hence not remembering any means you pretty much breezed through the paper.


i can remember exactly word for word a couple of questions from my paper today.

one of them is the following paeds puzzle:

"a 3-month-old boy develops a haematoma at vaccination site. he presented with similar symptoms during the previous vaccination. there is no history of gum bleeding. he is exclusively breastfed.

give 2 differentials and your justification for each one.

my initial thought?


i posed the same question to two of my friends who are also medical students but in different countries and they had the same impression.


anyway, the answer is...i dunno. what would your answer be? =P

sem7 imu seremban students are not eligible to answer this since i think we've discussed it to death and we already know what the correct answers are.


lishun at 6:33 PM