Thursday, March 19, 2009

all hail nasi lemak

first you have mr. stanley teoh, who thinks that criminals do not deserve any rights. talk about projecting your dissatisfaction with the law enforcement bodies onto a victim of violence in the hands of the very people we entrust our safety to. i guess it's not cool to treat each other like humans anymore.

then, you have people in parliament who claim that people living with hiv/aids (plwha) sengaja cari pasal and were infected because they deliberately wanted the deadly virus. yes, i'm sure there are people who purposely seek the adrenaline rush that comes with receiving a piece of paper confirming their hiv status, the guilt and regret that comes packaged with the realisation of the others that may have been infected as well, the thrill of being on lifelong antiretroviral therapy (hence subject to their side effects), and let's not forget the valuable experience of being stigmatized and rejected.

just when i thought malaysians have reached rock bottom, people keep surprising me with their idiocy. i don't want leaders like that. i don't even want fellow citizens like that.

the only redeeming factor this country has is its food. seriously.

*edit (20 march):
so, i was wrong. in 2003, rolling stone magazine carried an article about "bug chasers", hiv negative men who seek out positive partners - usually on the internet - to catch the virus.

this has two implications - one, that the parliamentarian knows how to read; and two, that he is super funky since he reads rolling stone magazine.

however, the article was widely criticised for sensationalising the issue. also, it doesn't make hiv/aids any less of a disease that needs to be curbed through adequate education and awareness. plus the statement that the backbencher made was obviously laced with prejudice and discrimination, suggesting that just because plwha actively look to be infected, they don't deserve any assistance or rights.

which is still wrong. very wrong.

lishun at 6:11 PM