Wednesday, March 11, 2009

props to hospital sungai buloh

i love hospital sungai buloh!

i sent in an application for an elective period and it is all good and settled today when it very well could not have been, for various reasons.

firstly, i sent in the application only one month ahead of the elective period...mostly out of desperation because a certain general hospital in a certain northern state known for its char koay teow has yet to reply despite me handing in the forms almost a month ago.

secondly, i didn't have a letter from the dean (just from the elective coordinator) when the application required it.

thirdly, i could only be there for 2 weeks when the minimum period was originally 3 weeks.

i sent the letter two mondays ago. i received the application forms saturday that same week (woot!). sent in the completed forms last tuesday with a letter explaining that i was already offered 2 weeks in singapore and hence only had another 2 weeks to spare. this morning, a nice lady from the office (give a hand for pn hamimah!) called to ask if i could do 3 weeks and when i told her why i couldn't, she made a few calls and then got back to me saying that it's alright for me to do 2 weeks. the acceptance letter is in the mail right now as i'm typing this.

if that's not awesome, i don't know what is!

my faith in the public service is renewed.

maybe i'll head there for housemanship.

lishun at 10:09 AM