Thursday, March 05, 2009

27 articles

there are 27* articles in the universal declaration of human rights that define our rights as human beings. how many have you read and are aware of? do you care?

does it irk you that malaysia ranks 132nd out of 195 countries in the world ranking of press freedom? do you think some rights need to be foregone in order to maintain peace and stability? have you ever treated someone unfairly? did you unknowingly violate someone's rights recently?

i have read just 21 of those articles that define my rights, and only because i'm volunteering with a ngo that advocates health rights for people who have their rights trespassed every day. it's not a fact i'm proud of - we should equip ourselves with such information instead of only "relevant" academic material - but it's a start.

you can choose to begin too, so you can answer the questions above and ask some of your own.

there are 27 articles. if you can watch 5 episodes of "house" in one stretch, you can afford to spend some time reading a few of the points in the declaration.

pick a language. =)

english. bahasa melayu. chinese. tamil. hindi. summarised.

*note: there are 53 articles in total, but only the first 27 describe the different aspects of human rights. the rest are pertaining to the establishment of human rights committees in member states and the enforcement of the covenant.

lishun at 11:13 AM