Sunday, March 22, 2009

an open letter

dear streamyx broadband people,

how are you doing? i hope this finds you in good cable-laying health.

anyway i'm not very good at jokes and sarcasm, so i'm just gonna get to the point.

could you kindly tell me why you're so intent on bringing back memories of the good ol' days of 56k dial-up internet when you're peddling broadband services at broadband prices? i could swear i'm 12 again, chatting in the #kakilang channel on irc or on the xfresh javascript chatbox.

while i appreciate the nostalgia and reminiscence, i do not appreciate having to pray for good connection every night. i don't particularly enjoy being cut off during a skype conversation with a friend who is thousands of miles away. i don't relish being disconnected every 10 minutes.

i especially don't like the thought of my father paying more than what we used to pay for dialup eventhough the kind of service we're experiencing now is the same as what we used to go through many years ago. only difference is, there were some good stretches back, it's bad every single day. and night.

just out of did you manage to keep this phenomenon only within my neighbourhood? the wireless broadband connection at my workplace in brickfields is great. in seremban, the speed's kinda slow but it's alot steadier than it is here in pj. i don't get it. do you have a personal vendetta against the people in pj? it's pretty interesting how you've centered your wrath around a certain population and spared the rest.

i hope you will address my concerns and perhaps take some time from playing spider solitaire to fix whatever the problem is.

thank you.

yours truly,


i'd have spent tens of thousands of ringgit to get this published as a full page ad in the major english newspapers, but i've already spent most of that money on bad broadband service so this is all i can afford.

lishun at 9:33 PM