Sunday, March 29, 2009

un jour, peut-ĂȘtre

if you know me and you've watched "definitely, maybe", then you'd know what a disastrous situation it'd be if i watched that darned movie. part of it has got to do with the presence of mr. scarlett johanssen as the male lead, but most of it is...well...if you know me and know what the movie's about, then you'd know why.

i watched it tonight. it's been a strange week, full of temporary perks and new experiences that weren't all welcome. i was hoping for a cheesy chick flick and i got it, but i never expected the story to be like that. so predictable.

i was hoping it wouldn't be predictable.

anyway. it's disastrous. now i'm left feeling emo, leaving msn conversation windows open just because. they've long gone and won't ever be back, but hey...nothing's ever predictable in the way we want them to be in real life.

lishun at 11:19 PM