Saturday, May 09, 2009

the ascent

during the pandemonium that was the perak state assembly meeting and its associated events in kl, i found out that one of my secondary school mates was among those arrested (and released, thank God). that, coupled with the involvement of some other friends in politics and human rights activism, made me realise that every cliched mention of "we are the leaders of the future" in the numerous essays we wrote in school is becoming a reality.

i have often marveled at the number of influential people my parents are acquainted with. of course that's partly because my father was, and still somewhat is, actively involved in various issues concerning the chinese population in malaysia. however, it has also to do with the fact that for the last couple of decades, it's been people of his generation that have risen the ranks to become policy-makers, respected leaders and heads of major corporations.

right now, it feels like it's my generation's turn to begin its ascent into those very same positions that are currently occupied by people from my parents' era. it'll still take about 20-30 years before i can say that i have the minister of health's private cell number (shah rukh khan...i'm counting on you lol) or that the prime minister and i have some mutual friends, but that day will definitely come.

it means that although i am only 24, i'm not really that young anymore either. we're stepping into a place where our words and actions will carry more weight than we think. it's a responsibility that i should be prepared to take on.

it's a responsibility we should all be prepared to take on.

lishun at 9:38 AM