Friday, June 02, 2006

whoopee do

i so so badly want to blog, but i'm suffering from a creativity dry spell.

i just cannot think of anything interesting to blog about...although i could very well tell you the 5 reasons why i suspect i'm still a tomboy (you'd think i'd get the hint from the fact that i'm an ardent fan of "american chopper") or let you know how the imucampus forum dinner went, or even do one of my compulsory pre-exam shallow posts or whatever...

...but noooooooooo. my mind is blank. a4 paper blank. and yet i'm desperate to write something, anything, to get my mind off parasites and statistics and names of drugs i will have to prescribe one fine day. aargh.

i couldn't even help think of a bloody theme for the national health sciences debate this afternoon! gah!

this kinda sucks.

lishun at 10:34 PM