Saturday, July 15, 2006

mountainous challenge

i've heard stories of slow climbers getting lost there.

the mist moves in, the air is thin and before you know it, you're out of shouting range.

it's a good 3km upwards - a climb that will make a 10km run feel like a walk in the park.

i have no training and have not done my every-other-day jog for about 2 weeks now.

not even sure if i can be counted as "young and relatively fit".

3 days and counting.

let's hope you'll see me back here by next thursday. eep.


*note: sorry for the lack of updates. lots of things going on, lots of crazy friends who expect crazy things from me (and i haven't let them down - must be all that pent-up craziness over the last year of being a "responsible adult") and lots of problems to sort out despite how petty some of them really are. it's the heat, i tell ya.

lishun at 5:31 PM