Friday, July 21, 2006


...on the way to lcct klia

...when maneuvering the winding road to mesilau nature park

...on the night before the climb up to laban rata

...while i struggled up the 8.2km hike

...just when i was getting ready to go to my lodging at laban rata

...for a couple of hours during the long, cold night at panar laban exactly 2am when we were about to start the ascent to low's peak

...all the way to sayap-sayap where, finally to our relief, it stopped

...on the treacherous way down to timpohon gate

...when we got to kota kinabalu

...greeted us when we woke up the next day, hence ruining plans to go to manukan

...when i was dropped off at the lcct by my kind junior, to catch the flight home


...and the ironic thing is that now i'm freaking dehydrated



*note: your regular programming of "lishun's musings" will return once she recovers from the bacterial infection that is raging through her gastrointestinal system at the moment. she's runnin' a fever and havin' the runs, but she'll be back! stay tuned.

lishun at 10:17 AM