Sunday, December 10, 2006

a couple of things

i had a pretty tiring week. i spent a total of 300mins a day on the road from monday to wednesday and thought i'd try and be a hero and study in the library each day after a morning of clerking patients at the relatively quiet orang asli hospital in gombak. hah. very funny. probably slept a total of 300mins a day in the library as well throughout those three days.

anyway, there were a couple of things that popped right out at me last week, that have prompted me to change a few aspects of my life. it'd take far too long for me to give an elaboration on how each one has made an impact in me this week, and hopefully for the rest of my life, but i hope that when you read them, you'll take something away from them too.

anon: "bringing your dreams to His throne and ASKING in FAITH, however BIG these dreams are, is the best guide."

adeline: "to really know God is to know Him based on personal experience not what we hear or even read about."

beck: "would that be something i would do if God were sitting next to me? would that be a conversation i would have if God were right there with me?"

dr. stevens: "we need to come before God with alot more respect and, yes, some fear and trembling. we miss so much of what He wants to teach us because we approach Him as if we were just buddies."

if i have ever taken lightly the other so-called "wake up calls" that i have received in the past, if i have ever belittled the power of God, if i have let pride stay in my life...

...then it will happen no more.

lishun at 5:56 PM