Saturday, June 30, 2007

ugly feet

it's ridiculously warm today. the air has refused to budge, not even with the less than gentle prodding of my wall fan. i've just finished soaking my ugly, calloused feet and rubbing lotion on them in the hopes that they will heal. it seems highly unlikely, though, unless i start wearing more big comfy shoes with extra padding instead of the open sandals i adorn on my feet each day. i feel like i'm fighting a losing battle against the inappropriately-placed pressure points on the soles of my feet. i can help solve people's problems and get everyone to church on time, but i can't make sure my feet stay smooth and presentable. i dread going into people's houses and avoid crossing my legs, lest i expose the horror that is the condition of my feet. what am i to do?


incomprehensible babbling again.

i blame the darned weather

lishun at 5:09 PM