Friday, August 31, 2007

happy merdeka

there is no jalur gemilang flying on my car. whenever i take the bus home from singapore, i use the washrooms at the second link instead of the ones at the johor checkpoint. sometimes i still begrudge the fact that i will be completing my medical education here instead of in a country with four seasons. i can barely take history from a patient in bm. if it's of any worth, i know the rukun negara, but only from "maka kami..." onwards. you'd more than likely be met with a blank stare if you asked me to explain the malaysian administrative system to you.

but i love malaccan cendol, i am ever grateful for the investment made into my education, the health benefits my parents both enjoy, penang char koay teow makes me salivate, i miss the uncle in kk who sent us to the bus station, the sunny skies for most of the year and the shameless mangling of language.

you have a long way to go, malaysia, but you're looking pretty alright for your 50 years.

happy merdeka, everyone.

lishun at 12:01 AM