Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i want the cd please

to be honest, i didn't like onerepublic immediately. i endured the torture that is "apologise" every morning for a couple of months as i drove to class before finding out who the culprits behind my agony were. i knew timbaland was in it (who else would go "eh" every couple of seconds?!) but it came as a surprise that the ones who were responsible for the song itself were a bunch of white guys from goodness knows where.

for a moment, i thought it was a group of artistes recording an inappropriate song for a fund raiser - after all, onerepublic sounds like the name of something bono and nelson mandela would endorse. no?

anyway, as i listened to more of onerepublic's music - through legal means, ahem - they grew on me. heck, even timbaland's occasional vocal contributions to the horror that is "apologise" gradually became less of a pain. and who can deny the immense singability of "stop and stare"? i have to confess i've been guilty of belting out the song in the, err, privacy of my car during the daily commute, probably to the amusement of the drivers next to me.

i don't really care anymore. somehow, slipping their album into my car stereo for a little karaoke doesn't seem like such a bad idea after all.


question 1: stop and stare

oh, and about the shameless title of this post...there's no point being subtle about it, eh? i did say please! =)

lishun at 4:37 AM