Friday, September 19, 2008

a little insight

by icenado

my mother told me this about my dad a couple of months ago:

your father's pretty funny. on one hand, he's afraid that you and your sister will "jia4 bu4 chu1 qu4" (never get married). but on the other, no son-in-law will ever be good enough for you. which is why, to avoid any trouble, we've both cut our own expectations to just one condition - that your husband loves you. your father will always be a little jealous though!

i only get insights into who my father is as a person through the stories my mother tells me. it made me angry at first that he doesn't show it himself, but i guess it's kinda amusing to hear it from my mum.

as for that little anecdote? i'm glad my father is just like any other father who has daughters.

lishun at 7:11 AM