Friday, September 12, 2008

i hate the internet, pt.2

i hate the internet because every email makes me feel like you're right here with me again. the person i know so well is right there in the words you typed. i can see your smile in the photographs that come attached with the email. your laugh rings out in my head again. your descriptions of faraway lands come alive.

i hate the internet because i can talk to you in real time. so there's a lag over the skype line, it doesn't take away the exhilaration that flows through me when i hear your voice, watch you grin via webcam, see you react right there and then to the things i say. it's like you never left me. it's as if you're in the next room and all we're separated by is a concrete wall and a computer screen...and in a way, that's exactly what's keeping us apart.

i hate the internet because i don't have to miss you that much. when we log off and say goodnight, there will always be another day when we will meet again online. we're connected by millions of fibreoptic wires, their sole purpose to bring us together, make us forget the miles, the timezones, the seasons.

i hate the internet because it makes it so much harder for me to move on. it fuels a hope that one day, God willing, we will have a success story to tell...even if we don't completely believe it ourselves.

i hate the internet. it won't let me let go.


don't send me comments of concern...i'm not in an ldr and never will be. just inspired (or rather, emo-tified) by the comic above.

lishun at 8:34 AM