Saturday, September 13, 2008

breaking the rule

as i've mentioned before, i have a generally optimistic view about the future of malaysia. i am of the opinion that my generation will be the one to change things because most of us have gone to school and we are more than just "tolerant" (i hate that word!) of races other than our own. there is a bright future ahead, especially since march 8th has proven that we do have (somewhat) a say about who we want as our leaders.

the headlines this morning were a slap in the face.

as a general rule, i don't blog about things i don't understand enough to write an intelligent post about. that includes politics, economics and football.

but this? i will break that rule for this.

so this is the government that gives monetary assistance to the poor yet arrests a mp over petitions she did not endorse. so this is the governing body that promises free education and scholarships yet punishes journalists - people who are obviously educated and well-versed in the things they write about - for doing their job. so these are the people we have put our trust in to lead us yet allow scourges to go scot-free.

the thing is, i may loathe politics enough to not want to understand the filth surrounding it, but i know a thing or two about faith, justice and truth to figure out that what happened yesterday is wrong. very, very wrong.

yesterday during the staff-student prayer meeting, my senior shared from luke8:22-31. Jesus called His disciples on a journey across the lake. they met with a storm, which caused them to panic. Jesus then calmed the storm and they successfully crossed the lake. once they reached the other side, they embarked on a ministry that saw many miracles - the casting out of demons, healing of the sick, and raising of the dead.

i believe that march 8th marked the beginning of a new journey for malaysians. this is the storm. however, let's be comforted by the fact that Jesus is on the boat with us, and let's continue to have faith in Him. at the end of the storm, at the other side of the lake, is a new start with many great things to come.

so uphold malaysia in prayer. to be honest, i can't see how anyone other than God can pull us through these ridiculously rubbish times. i can't even think about what's going on now without tearing up and getting angry.

but yeah, pray. for malaysia's sake, let's pray.

lishun at 8:59 AM