Thursday, February 19, 2009


the semester 7 experience taught me a couple of things.

first, God is more faithful than i can imagine.

second, i can always be more hardworking.

third, in the end i am preparing to be a doctor, not to only pass exams.


i am less than proud of how i spent the last 365 days in clinical school. i wasted alot of learning opportunities, i invested more energy into whining than doing my best and that lack of practice came back to haunt me during the osces when the nerves got the better of me.

however, i found friends that were a great source of support during the most stressful times, people who were a joy to study with because they were generous in sharing knowledge and they have motivated me to work alot harder for the next 2 semesters so that the nerves will never get a hold of me again during my next professional exam.

anyway, i am still left amazed by how God has sustained me through the many, many attacks i went through - self-loathing, grief - and sent the best angels around to protect me.

thanks for all the prayers, msn messages and texts. i am more than grateful for everything. thanks for the step closer towards my dreams. =)

lishun at 10:02 PM