Wednesday, April 01, 2009

this week on american idol

i'm starting to doubt my ability to identify good singers. one out of my original 6 favourite american idol contestants has been voted out every week for the last 3 weeks. first jasmine, then alexis and last week, we said goodbye to michael the lovable construction guy. and now anoop looks like he's in trouble. he really should have sung "burn". or something. anything other than "caught up"!

anyway, last week's performances were stellar, especially from adam. i think he takes the top spot again during this week's lame "top downloads" theme, with this wonderful (original?) arrangement of wild cherry's "play that funky music".

second place has to go to kris allen. i didn't like him at first because i felt like he had no personality, but i guess it isn't his fault. he was one of the least exposed contestants. i mean, we know close to nothing about him. everyone's been alerted to danny's tragic past as well as the best friend who went through the competition with him. we also know adam was in the broadway production of "wicked" and has been photographed tonguing other men. but kris?

well, i like him alot more now that he turned out a fabulous version of "ain't no sunshine", which is an american idol favourite. and singapore idol favourite. i remember taufik bringing the house down 5 years ago (omgomghasitbeenthatlong?!) with that song. lovely stuff.

sorry, just the music here

to round up the top 3 of the week is (who else?) danny gokey. he didn't mention anything about his grandfather's passing over the weekend, maybe because he needed privacy, or maybe he felt that he's played the tragic death card far too much too early.

he sang rascall flatt's "what hurts the most", which is not my favourite song from the group. to be honest, i thought his vocals were a bit off in certain parts, but in the end the emotion shone through and i was touched by his performance. but then, he is after all my favourite contestant so i was perhaps biased in my opinion la yea? haha.

that's it for the first (and possibly only) roundup of the current episode of american idol. my bottom 3 are anoop, megan joy and matt giraud (what a horrendous rendition of "you found me"!), with megan getting the boot. we'll see how la.

lishun at 9:54 PM