Thursday, May 14, 2009

the showdown

it was with a heavy heart that i replaced danny gokey's picture on the right with an edited one that has a big red cross over his face (NOOOOOOOOooooo...!!!). sigh. my ideal american idol season 8 finale didn't materialise, but i guess next week won't be completely devoid of drama because...

it's gonna be a battle of two contestants with radically different backgrounds who, if the gossip blogs are to be trusted (haha), can't stand each other! ooooohhhhhh...

on the left, the flamboyant adam "glambert" lambert who may very well be the first openly gay (although he has yet to release any official move) american idol winner! although i thought he was exciting and attention-grabbing enough before the so-called scandal broke out, he became a little too exposed for my liking as the competition went on. eventually, i got tired of his over-the-top performances each week. he's too much showmanship, not enough good ol' fashioned singing.

his best performance by far is the stripped down, no-frills rendition of "mad world".

on the right, the dark horse kris allen, a married boyband member lookalike whose involvement with music was formerly confined within church walls. in stark contrast to adam, kris had almost zero exposure prior to the top 13 but gained respect and a fan base to be reckoned with when he delivered pretty consistent performances week after week. i didn't like him much at first because he's so...generic. he's clean cut, cute and carries a guitar well. if he can write decent music, he'd be a male marie digby! very pop, very marketable.

although he initially grabbed my attention with his take on "ain't no sunshine", i have to say his best performance to date is this week's "heartless".

i honestly honestly hope kris wins, as unlikely as it seems now that simon cowell has basically instructed america to vote for mr lambert. yes, i know i've endorsed adam from the start and he's still on my american idol sidebar, but i've had it with his i don't think he's gonna be able to cut a good album.

you know who will? danny. danny will cut a great album if he lands a record deal (please let him get signed pleezepleezepleeze). you know why? because he will sound amazing in a studio. because grannies and sentimental 20-somethings like me will watch him perform. because he can do both country AND rnb. unlikesomepeoplewhocanonlydoacousticpoporglamrockpfft.

anyhoo...all that's left is next week's finale. gay (ambiguous?) vs straight. drag vs daytime. acid vs sugar. it probably won't be the epic showdown that was cook vs archuleta or even in the league of ruben vs clay, but it's gonna be pretty interesting all the same!

lishun at 11:47 PM