Tuesday, December 13, 2005


i met up with my friends from sajc yesterday. the two highlights of the day were the two guys who showed up.

none of us had seen ashwin in at least two years, not since he ditched us for form6 and then decided to cease all communication with us. hmph. it's ok, we still love him. hehe.

as for edward, we last saw him in july, during a trip to genting. he had semi-long curly hair then. yesterday he was sporting shoulder-length do...which was straightened.


he's the first guy i've ever seen with rebonded hair. it took some getting used to - i could not stop staring! - but i guess it's alright. he said he wanted to do something different. well, it's certainly different!

anyway, we caught up with one another, and, being 20-yr-olds now, the topic naturally veered towards relationships. or lack of.

the three of us cool nerds in imu wound up looking at each other in despair. every one of the other girls in our so-called "gang" is either attached or has at least(!) one eligible guy anonymously leaving dessert at her door.

the three of us, on the other hand, are busy dating our anatomy and physiology textbooks.

i've said before that my current single status doesn't bother me too much, but the first thought that went through my head when my friend meiyin indulged us in the latest gossip was...

good grief we should have stayed in singapore where the malaysian girls are lonely and the malaysian boys are under pressure to find malaysian girls because their parents don't want them eventually becoming singaporean!

yes, that was a really stupid, irrational and absolutely ridiculous thought, but hey, it explains the state of our non-existent love lives!

it's funny, cuz recently there's been a little debate about why girls - specifically medic girls - in imu have trouble finding suitable, erm, suitors.

the first "lonely in medicine" story was written by a girl who felt that the guys were too busy with books and dota to think about girls. my friend prasad wrote a reply to the first article, arguing that the girls just weren't giving the guys a chance.

i personally think that...there is no definitive answer.

there are so many things my two friends and i can blame our still-single status on...

1. none of us live in the apartments opposite the uni. therefore we don't participate in alot of events and can't go for supper parties and whatever other form of socialisation people in vista take part in.

2. we were not from taylors.

3. we are constantly in each other's company, hardly mingling with "the crowd".

4. thanks to the conditioning we received in singapore, dating books instead of boys is perfectly acceptable to us, especially since in jc, to not date books may mean *gulp* termination.

5. boys suck. =P


anyway, if anyone has a good explanation as to why malaysian girls in singapore get hooked up faster than you can say "peer pressure", please drop me a line. it's a horribly interesting phenomenon.

lishun at 10:01 AM