Wednesday, January 18, 2006

grass is greener

when i was in singapore - refer to archives (2003-2004) - i didn't really like it there.

alevels was tough, some people were kiasu (not many though, i was fortunate), the education ministry was breathing down our necks, i missed assam laksa and my telephone bill always came up to 25% of my monthly allowance.

now, medical school is tough, alot of people are kiasu (funny i've encountered more kiasu malaysians), i wish the education ministry cared more, i miss good public transport and my telephone bill still comes up to 25% of my monthly allowance.

so now i miss singapore. darn that "grass is greener" syndrome.

well i'll be following the lead of eyeris and minishorts and will be heading down to "that red dot" tomorrow night.

back to that place where no one can do without either an mp3 player or some chick lit, lest you catch the eye of the auntie sitting next to you on the bus.

down to the country where there is good food but i am usually too tired to go look for it.

yes, the return to the good ol' land of short thin girls walking around in racer-back tanks, short pleated denim miniskirts and adidas sneakers.


i'll be back sunday - no way am i gonna be lying sleepless on the train while liverpool vs manutd is goin' on - so i'll see you then!

p/s: the next moonshine is on 2nd feb at no black tie, kl. if there's anyone who wants to go, is willing to drive to kl late at night (it's after 10pm), and has a face any mother, ok specifically my mother, would trust, leave me a note.

lishun at 8:08 PM