Tuesday, January 03, 2006


something old

when i was 8 years old, i had a crush on a classmate. his name was timothy and the reason i liked him was because he was the only boy in my class who was taller than me.

one day, when we had pe with mr. thomas, a stray tennis ball hit timothy right on the noggin. i felt so sorry for him that i gave him my last bar of chocolate before i alighted the bus we took home every day.

he never talked to me again.

something new

a couple of friends and i had a sleepover on new year's eve. we are all pursuing our undergrad studies in different countries and we shared our frustrations of not being able to find a niche to belong to.

frankly, i am terrified at the prospect of having alot of friends but not really having any friends, if you know what i mean, for the next 5 years.

it's ridiculous to still be insecure about making friends and having cliques once in uni. so why on earth does it bother me?

something borrowed

prasad has celebrities linking to him now. lol.

edwin sumun's one of 'em. i looked through his blog today and came across this entry.

it made me think of the times i blamed everyone but myself for all my misfortunes.

it was jpaandimu's fault for my whole scholarship mess. nus is run by idiots who can't recognise an asset if bars of gold were placed under their noses. father time is playing with the clocks in my house, making them run faster than they should. the reason why i hate starting again somewhere new is because people are so tight-arsed they won't be my friends.

...and that little voice in my head says, "everytime you point your index finger at someone else, there are 4 other fingers pointing right at you."

it annoys the hell out of me because that little voice grows louder and louder every day, but i guess that's the price to pay for growing up.

something blue

a couple of years ago, a senior of mine had a university admission interview with the folks at cambridge. one of the questions they asked him during the interview was, "why is the sky blue?"

although the answer isn't exactly very complicated - it's something to do with sunlight being scattered as it enters the earth's atmosphere; same concept as why the sky is red at sunset - the question stumped me the first time i heard it.

it's one of those questions that hardly anyone thinks of asking simply because...well, because.

the sky is blue because. lapis lazuli is blue because. there are no naturally blue roses because. girls have this thing for tall blue-eyed boys because.

you and i are here on this mostly-blue earth...because.

lishun at 11:06 AM