Monday, January 23, 2006

it's a beautiful day!

it's a beautiful day!

i was very very tired yesterday because i walked nonstop for two days in s'pore. yes, i did sleep through the first 30 minutes because...well if you were watching, you'd know why. and no, there's no illusion about it being a deserved win or anything like that. no one said football is fair, right?

anyway, i'm still very very sleepy. i woke up at 1000am this morning, to my horror, and was out the door by 1030am, running errands with my mother.

so here i am, bleary-eyed, faced with the fact that i have a couple of stories to write, a meeting to attend tomorrow, a dog which might be suffering from incontinence, 2 lovely novels to read and photos to be uploaded and sent to about 10 of the best people in the world who took time off their busy schedules to spend time with me.

still, it's a beautiful day! thanks ryan and rio. oh, and djibril too, of course. =)

lishun at 10:15 PM