Sunday, February 05, 2006

boredom?! bah!

i was looking through the forum topics at the imucampus forum when i came across a long-dead topic called "holiday blues". the thread was about how the imu students coped with their long holidays after sem1 and sem3.

i'm currently enjoying the post-sem1 holiday.

it's been 3 weeks now since my end-of-semester examinations, and a week since my results were released. the most productive thing i've done so far is file up and index my notes. i absolutely positively loathe filing, so it's a huge achievement for me!

also, i've gone to singapore and met up with some friends i hadn't seen since we collected our alevel results last march, and i went on a day trip eating fest to malacca with my sis and bro-in-law.

let's not forget all the weight i've gained. ok, scrap that. let's forget all the weight i've gained.

i cannot believe how people can be bored during the holidays.

alright, so i've had my moments of boredom during my 9-month-post-alevels break, but that was because it was 9 freaking months! i could've carried a baby to full term during that time!

of course on hindsight i could have raised US$11800 to go for the 6-month up with people program, or RM1500 to go for a raleigh international expedition, but one of my new years' resolutions was to work and not bum around or go for programs my parents will eventually have to pay for, so i didn't.

ok fine i did go for the brats green pow wow and my parents paid for it, but i did offer to fund it myself out of the paycheque i received for teaching in my secondary school.

actually, that was the best part of my 9-month holiday. it was fun teaching students that weren't very much younger than me because i found them to be very very different from the way my friends and i were when we were in sec school.

plus i am ever thankful that God closed all the doors to australia because i was around to look after my grandmother and hold her hand through the last 4 months of her life.

so no, i can't totally say there was a real period of time during my 9-month holiday when i was at a total loss of what to do.

at the moment, i'm half-way through my sem1/2 holidays. if i could have been bored at any time, it should have been the last couple of weeks.

call me simple, but i'm happy spending my days in front of the computer downloading stuff. when i'm not doing that, i'm playing with my ageing dog, helping my mother run errands, meeting up with friends, and reading the long-neglected bestsellers on my bedside table. the last couple of weeks have just flown by.

from next week onwards, my schedule is gonna be packed. i'll be off to brisbane and melbourne on friday, then i'll be free labour at xfresh for a week before prepping myself to be ragged with the new batch of sem1s during the m1/06 orientation. after that it'll be only one more week before i start delving into the world of diseases and parasites that all look alike when i get back into the groove of academic activity.

two months. gone. and not a moment of boredom. hurrah!

lishun at 10:49 AM