Saturday, February 25, 2006

let us mourn

the worst has been confirmed. the hard drive failure at diary-x is irrepairable. this means my old blog,, is permanently dead.

as mentioned in an earlier post, i did not do any backups and so all my entries from the time i started blogging in march 2003 are gone.

of course i have been expecting this news from the time i found out that diary-x is down. nevertheless, seeing the actual words on the site is a terrible blow.

i would like to urge all of you who have linked to my old site to change your links to this address.

thanks for staying with me through the years. i will continue to blog, although i do feel a little unsettled that the diary-x i am so familiar with is now gone. i miss my template and the general look of the blog and it is sad that i will never be able to get the same templates back because the designer's website has been closed down.

well, thanks for everything, guys! =)

*edit: i managed to recover my template. yay!

lishun at 4:29 PM