Friday, March 03, 2006

nice guys finish...

*scene: a conversation in the students' lounge about...people

me: i think he's a really nice guy

junior: nooooo..."nice" is the last thing i want any girl to describe me as.

me: hargh why?

junior: because when a girl calls me nice, it means she doesn't think i'll have a chance with her romantically.

senior: hargh? what kind of theory is that?

junior: it's true! (turning to me) think about it. when was the last time you ever had feelings for a guy you've described as "nice".

me: (to myself) i haven't had feelings for any guy for like ages la how would i know? (to junior) i'm sure it's happened. i describe alot of guys as "nice".

junior: and you've never had any feelings for them right?

senior: then? what if a guy says that a girl is "a nice girl".

junior: it's different for guys la. when they say a girl is "nice", it means something else.

me: then? what about "pleasant"?

junior: it's the same as "nice".

me: then?!

senior: ???

junior: *smug because he's rendered us speechless with his theory*

i dunno. do nice guys really finish last?

lishun at 9:57 PM