Sunday, March 05, 2006

"nice" is a synonym for...

and the whole "nice" debacle goes on.

friend: nice guys finish last. that's why they save the best for last. according to one of my girl friends "experienced" in that area, nice guys are what they go for in the long run.

me: of course la. why would anyone like guys who aren't "nice"?

friend: but not initially because they wanna flirt with the not-so-nice boy. have some "fun".

me: not initially? then the guys attached now are not nice la izzit?

friend: hehe i dunno. not so gentlemanly perhaps.

me: i think it's the nice guys who get the girls first because the one and only thing girls will definitely like is a guy who is nice to them lor.

friend: but nice can be boring.

me: ok, so maybe nice and spontaneous would be the right combination?

friend: yeah, i've got alot of girls telling me the same thing. but then i managed to attract a very spontaneous girl, without being spontaneous at all.

me: waaaaah. cool. =) well done! yeah both of you are nice but because at least one person is spontaneous it might just work. honestly though, do guys hate it if they're labelled as "nice"?

friend: not really, but it depends on who says it and how they say it. it's better than nothing at all.

me: what if there's a girl you really like and she tells people that you're "nice"?

friend: aha that's where everything comes into play lor. hmm...somehow "nice" doesn't mean anything. basically it's not a very good estimate of how she feels about me.

me: but "nice" wor. i mean how do you want people to describe you, as opposed to "nice"? doesn't nice cover everything?

friend: does it? maybe that's the problem. it's too general. there's gotta be that "x-factor" to attract someone. besides, anyone can learn to be "nice".

me: ok. so being called "nice" isn't exactly a so-called death sentence, but it borders on boring. therefore everyone should have an "x-factor"?

friend: isn't that what differentiates one person from another? it makes us unique what right?


so i agree that "nice" is much too general to mean anything. perhaps i haven't had a single, to use that so-elementary-school term, crush on anyone for ages because i think everyone is "nice". no one's stood out so far. no great x-factor has caught my eye.

fine. my junior was somewhat right. somewhat.

one question remains though...what does "nice" mean if a guy says that a girl is "nice" then?

lishun at 1:58 PM