Sunday, April 23, 2006


jimmy eat world - "23"

i felt for sure last night
that once we said goodbye
no one else will know these lonely dreams
no one else will know that part of me
i'm still driving away
and i'm sorry every day
i won't always love these selfish things
i won't always live
not stopping

it was my turn to decide
i knew this was our time
no one else will have me like you do
no one else will have me, only you

you'll sit alone forever
if you wait for the right time
what are you hoping for?
i'm here i'm now i'm ready
holding on tight
don't give away the end
the one thing that stays mine

amazing still it seems
i'll be 23
i won't always love what I'll never have
i won't always live in my regrets


...and so the first month-and-a-half have passed by. the results of tomorrow's summative exam will determine if i am truly able to balance my studies and non-academic life well. truth be told i feel like i don't deserve a good grade and am already kinda looking forward to my parents' reprimands for taking on too many extra curricular activities in the last 40days. am still hoping the mad week-long residence in the chilly corners of the library will salvage the situation.

anyway, during those hours sitting at the table with my batchmates and juniors surrounding me, i was fortunate to have the company of the trusty mp3 player i won in a lucky draw more than a year ago. one song kept coming back to me every time i sat down to study - it was jimmy eat world's "23".

i first heard of this song while browsing through eyeris' archives (he's got great taste in music...similar to mine, haha) and decided to give it a listen, despite not being much of a jimmy eat world fan.

to be honest i didn't like it at first, but somehow the haunting guitar on that song just kept coming back to me everytime i studied this week...and it's just one of those songs that has become part of the collective group of things and people that have sustained me through all the frustration of the last couple of weeks.

here's wishing all the sem1s and sem2s of imu all the best in your summatives! God bless...=)

lishun at 10:59 AM