Sunday, April 09, 2006

nature boy - "i am shallow" day no. ...whatever

by the law of inverse relationship between days till exams and level of stress, my stress levels are increasing exponentially. and as i normally do when i'm stressed and in need of destressing (i know! i need to work on vocab, bleh) i have scoured the internet for the hottest conservationists on tv.

yes. conservationists on tv. you know. think less sir david attenborough and more steve irwin. minus the "blimey!" and "crikey!" and "cor, isn't she a beeeeeaaaauuuutay?"

the reason why i decided to do this is because i'm a huge fan of jeff corwin, the funniest, most adorable wildlife biologist on television, ever! ok wait. lemme do this in my old format...

jeff corwin - corwin's quest & the jeff corwin experience
jeff corwin

this is jeff corwin. i remember he mentioned in one of his shows that he specialises in bats. hmm. he's also an emmy award-winning tv host.

what i like most about him is his insane sense of humour. he's dead funny. he does silly running commentaries on whatever animal they're filming is doing, he cracks lame jokes, says the occasional witty thing, and makes learning about nature really fun.

i feel like i'm 10 everytime i watch his show. maybe because he presents in a kid-friendly way (his emmy was, after all, for best performer in a children's series), but i figure it's really because he brings out the child-like fascination we all have about nature. love him!

chris kratt - kratt's creatures & be the creature
chris kratt

i came across chris kratt one day as i was channel surfing. he was jumping around on the ground, imitating a monkey, in africa. the monkey thing was mildly amusing, but i thought he was pretty cute (he looks like jerry o'connell), so here he is!

anyway, chris kratt is the younger half of the kratt brothers, famous for their very kids-orientated educational tv shows (it's evident they do kids' shows the moment you step onto their website). chris hosts all his shows with older bro martin and together they tour the country educating kids about nature.

i don't quite fancy their shows because they're too kid-ish. jeff corwin's shows are more, i dunno. at least older viewers can enjoy his shows too.

*edit: just to add a note...i got this pic of chris off a gay site. the pic doesn't do him much justice, but its origin should give you an idea of how hot he really is.

rob - staff at the australia zoo's reptile section

i don't know rob's last name. all it says on the crocodile hunter website is that rob's been working with the reptiles for less than a year and that he loves reptiles.

anyway, i'm pretty sure i've seen rob on "the crocodile hunter files" one time or another because i definitely 100% remember a hot guy in a beige uniform carrying an injured iguana and handing it over to steve irwin so he can work his "cor blimey!" magic on the animal.

oh yes! i reckon rob looks like curtis stone from "surfing the menu". maybe it's an aussie dude thing. i dunno. what do you think?


alrighty, i've gotta go learn to save some lives. cpr exam tomorrow. eek. at least i won't have to learn to perform the heimlich maneuveur on a croc. best leave that to these cute professionals!

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