Saturday, June 03, 2006

a proud moment

i don't remember when i first become interested in writing, but i sure remember the first time something i wrote was published. although it was published "only" on a web portal and my name wasn't anywhere in it (wrote it under a pseudonym), it was a proud moment nonetheless because it was the first time someone other than myself got to read something that came out of the elusive creative corners of my mind.

the web portal was xfresh, the same xfresh i proceeded to write 10 articles for, 4 years after i contributed my first. it was 2002, i won a contest to watch the world cup finals at the astro headquarters and, after an eventful night that resulted in me winning a mini football (that still lies uninflated in one of my drawers) and finding myself stranded at kl sentral at 11pm with no money for a cab, i decided to write an account of my whole experience with the xfresh crew.

anyway, since it's the world cup season (one week to go! woot!), it's only appropriate that i show off what my 17-yr-old self wrote about the day ronaldo shone and oliver kahn was beaten for the first time in the entire tournament.


p/s: i cannot believe i thought klose was cute. bleurgh.
this is klose.

aargh what on earth was i thinking?!

this time round, if i'm gonna be drooling at anyone at all, it'd be this guy.

raul who?

lishun at 6:09 PM