Friday, June 16, 2006

a quality meme pt.2

sometime in february, adeline tagged me with a meme and this was my reply. this morning, i woke up to find that yunshyuan has tagged me with the exact same meme.

although one of the rules says that "if you got tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again", a conversation with evelyn yesterday made me perhaps wanna narrow down the "criteria" i look for in a partner. which is hard, considering i haven't had a so-called "proper crush" on anyone - "proper" as in there should be some kind of possibility of the relationship actually becoming a reality - for a couple of years now.

there isn't really a deep psychological dr. phil reason for this. i just don't feel as if i have the energy to invest into something that may or may not happen, and also perhaps because after the last emotion-sapping crush i'm not willing to go through it all over again. and anyway there really isn't anyone who would do me a favour and make sure i don't have to go through it again by being interested in me first.

so yeah.

but ok...maybe i'll give a shot at this. i don't really write down precisely what i look for in a guy so the "list" probably changes all the time, but here goes.

Here are the rules:

  • The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her lover

  • Has to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover

  • Tag eight other victims to join in this game and leave a comment on their blog

  • If you got tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again

  • Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT!

i don't like the word "perfect". no one's perfect. the only reason why, when you initially start seeing someone, he or she seems perfect because you choose to accept the imperfections and love them for who they are. initially.

then you get married and you start bickering over the smallest things. i should know. my sister's married.


i'm straight and i have a celebrity crush on ewan mcgregor so i guess that means i like men. lol.

right. so here are the 8 qualities:


a couple of minutes later...

well i started typing out the 8 criteria, but i only managed 2 (sense of humour and chivalry). it just really isn't me to list down qualities and explain about them. maybe it's not only because of the reasons i stated above, but also because the criteria i'm looking for are not exactly qualities of personality per se, but more of things like he must have a firm belief in God, he has to be "decent" (dodgy word, but you know what it means), and he just has to have the same principles that i do.

it doesn't really matter if his jokes aren't that witty or if he forgets to hold the door for me sometimes...what matters is that when it comes to things like his attitude on life and his stand on the big things like faith and family, we don't differ in opinion.

of course it would be a bonus if he's at least 6 feet tall, loves dogs, has wit to match jerry seinfeld, and has the uncanny ability to read me like a book...but those are bonuses.

so no, i still can't come up with a list (sorry yunshyuan!) but i'm just glad that 4 months after adeline first tagged me, my non-existent list of 8 qualities is still the same. =)

lishun at 6:57 AM