Thursday, June 08, 2006

you need a makeover

a couple of weeks ago, a "friend" (hmph, won't link you so you won't be embarrassed) leaned over from his seat and, out of the blue, told me that i should consider going for a makeover.


i don't know about you, but saying something like that to someone who has never had a real problem with the way she looks until she went over to a red dot and had pretty insensitive people tell her things like "you're a very nice person...if only you were slimmer" or "you're actually not bad looking, especially if you straighten your hair" and now "you should go for a makeover"'s sorta rude.

so while initially i wrote a whole long post about my hair and why i will neither be as svelte as my peers nor sport curves like other girls of my height and build, i realise that there is really no need for me to justify why i'm happy with the way i look to anyone.

as corny as it is, friends are meant to like you the way you are and your special partner is also supposed to love you - sans makeup, pushup bra, fake lashes or styled hair. if you can't even be naturally yourself around the people you care about in your life, who else will accept you without the mask you wear every day?

that's why, "friend", i'm telling you now that i don't need a makeover thankyouverymuch. no one had a problem with how i looked when i was an obese kid, no one had a problem with the way i carried myself when i had cropped hair and no one has ever said anything about how i've made their lives worse by looking the way i do at the moment.

so why should i start growing a low self-esteem now?


"i praise You because i am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well." - psalm 139:14

lishun at 6:24 AM