Saturday, July 29, 2006



i was driving along one day, happily listening to the ads on the radio (the one about the vios nightmare is pretty good) when i heard an ad about the miss malaysia/world pageant that was just held last night. the ad featured one of the contestants (i sure hope not adeline choo) talking about what she thought a true woman is like.

"a real woman is someone with charismatism..."

wait a sec. charismatism? charisma...tism?

there i was, thanking God that people are beginning to value brains over beauty in this modern age of technology and whatnot, and this beautiful and (supposedly) intelligent woman who could potentially represent malaysia at the miss world pageant went ahead and said something as atrocious as...charismatism.

and i thought the brats' joke of "confusement" was atrocious enough. at least that was intentional and done only in the presence of people who knew that there is no such thing as confusement. our dear miss malaysia/world contestant did it on radio, without the slightest idea that she made a huge boo-boo that would undoubtedly make the queen cry. the queen of england, that is, although i'm sure even the queen of malaysia is real enough of a woman herself to know that she has charisma and not charismatism.

anyway am rambling. will post pics and accounts of my treacherous journey up and down mt.kinabalu pretty soon and will probably blog about my week at that God-forsaken place called kuala kubu baru as well. am currently just too happy over the fact that i no longer need to be in the toilet every 20mins and am back in civilisation once more.

lishun at 10:22 AM