Tuesday, August 15, 2006

signs you're getting older #256

one tree hill episode 3-03...

scene: nathan and lucas are arguing at the neighbourhood basketball court.

lucas: she loves you, nate!

nathan: and is that supposed to make everything okay?

lucas: yeah, it is.

me: *thinking* what an idiot.

nathan: you're an idiot.


there was a time when i thought that love would be enough. blame it on hallmark channel, the romantic comedies that i don't watch anymore, or whatever...i used to think that yes, love is supposed to make everything okay.

if you love someone, you can forgive them even if they broke your heart and messed up your life. if that person loves you, he/she deserves to be forgiven and all should be forgotten so things can go back to the way they were before they became screwed up.

pfft. sure, if you live on planet disney.

it is pretty clear that every relationship thrives on so much more than love. there are also the usual ingredients that we always talk about: friendship, trust, intimacy and - the big one - responsibility. there is no way you can forgive someone for screwing up and then resume the relationship if you don't consider that person a friend anymore, or if you've lost trust in them. love is but one factor of a relationship and its importance does not mean it overrides all the other factors that come into play.

watching one tree hill made me realise how much i have grown.

i know, they're only 17 in the show and i'm 21 - high school and college behind me, only the big unknown future ahead - it is no surprise i have trouble relating to the show anymore.

but i'm grateful nathan called lucas an idiot in the show, because i sure wish someone my age told me the same thing when i was 17. of course, my parents have often told me that our family was not built on love alone and that my future (non-existent so far, bah) relationships should not be either, but which 17-yr-old listens to her parents anyway?

bottom line is, i was a little surprised when nathan echoed what went through my head. at that precise moment, what i've known for a long time now finally truly completely sank in: love is not enough. it is never enough.

love wasn't even enough to return man to God - death still had to come into the picture.

although that realisation made me feel a little proud that i am no longer so naive, it also made me a little sad because i am also no longer so young.

*note: on a sidenote, it just confirms what i've always known - nathan is definitely a better (fictional) character than lucas. bwahahaha. so much for being "older". lol.

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