Tuesday, August 01, 2006


we're living in an age where people change handphones like they change clothes. i know of acquaintances who go out and buy the latest slinky black number from samsung the moment it debuts on the market. these are people who display their new toys the way the aunties in the chinese new year ads show off their gold trinkets: accidentally on purpose.

"oh, could you please give me so-and-so's number?"
*whips out cool, slim slide phone*
"i'm sorry, could you repeat that?"

anyway, it's hard not to be envious of people like that. i grew up in the city, with aunts and uncles who think that material wealth is everything. i have friends who live in multi-million ringgit homes and drive luxury cars. there are alot of times when i feel almost compelled to screw every value my parents instilled in me and turn into a brat who wants to be "just like my friends".

don't get me wrong. my friends are the most humble people in the world. being able to attain material things isn't something wrong. i personally think that if you've got the means to spend money and you want to spend money, go ahead. but the peer pressure is still there sometimes and i'm very glad that my parents made sure i knew better than to succumb to it.

however, it is pretty difficult not to even feel a little twinge of unreasonable, immature jealousy when my own father, the very father whose blood courses through my veins, went out and got himself this...

...while i'm still stuck with my trusty 4-yr-old second hand nokia 8310, with a glitch in the lcd screen, that i bought with my own dough in singapore because i got my first phone stolen 3 months into the school year.


lishun at 9:45 AM