Wednesday, August 09, 2006

lonely shots of singapore

"alone time is the most awesome time you could spend with anybody."
- vincent

with disregard to the obvious contradiction in the quote above (but yes, i do know precisely what you mean) i absolutely and totally agree with vincent. spending time alone is a luxury most of us living in the high-paced world cannot afford to have. after all, each day is a responsibility to the people we love, the people that pay us to work for them and the people who rely on us for their survival.

it is very selfish to indulge in alone time, of course. we've always been taught to put God first, then others, then ourselves. service above self. but there's a reason why the oh great almighty oprah winfrey keeps emphasising on the necessity to have a little "me" time...although she definitely has more than just "a little" but she's a celebrity and hence normal human rules need not apply to her). it only makes sense to take care of yourself once in a while.

for me, it is highly therapeutic to get away from the notes i have to read and the people i have to entertain and the parents i have to reassure everytime i step out of the house, and just go to the places i love - to take photographs of buildings and people i have no obligations towards.

eventhough i can only afford to do that twice a year, it definitely rejuvenates me enough for me to soldier on during the 6 months in between.

the compulsory location shot
haw par villa - former must-see theme park magnificent tourist attraction. now it's pretty run down with broken statues and nothing but gateways, stale ponds and the 10 courts of hell...

i paid S$1 to get into the gates of hell
...which i had to pay S$1 to get into. i guess you have to pay when you go to hell.


the view from library@orchard.

stand tall, little boy
he was posing for his dad. i stole the shot.

standing tall
there were some primary school kids putting on performances at paragon in conjunction with the start of the 5-day national day celebrations. tonnes of spectators. doesn't anyone work on fridays?!

a forbidden photo within the walls of the singapore art museum (sam).

look there, kids!
la salle, lookin' really forboding. the sam was once st.joseph's institution. wonder why it's la salle's statue at the front and not st.joseph's?

slanted crosses
the row of crosses on top of the cathedral at chijmes. just realised this picture would have been much much better if i had taken it straight.

isk and me
i bumped into irwan iskandar, my former classmate at sajc (03S54-ever!), at chijmes.

you can see more pictures in my flickr photo album. just click on the flickr button on the sidebar. i'll be posting up more pics of singapore in the days to come. i think i also owe some people pics of kota kinabalu. be patient, k?

lishun at 8:41 AM