Sunday, July 30, 2006


we interrupt your regular programming of "lishun's musings" to bring you a meme. because lishun hasn't done one in a long time. and because markus tagged her. righto.

awesome people i would wanna meet
1. ryan giggs. he's my childhood hero.
2. ewan mcgregor. cuz he's hawt. *goes into bimbo mode*
3. nelson mandela. for obvious reasons.
4. oprah winfrey. i watch her show (almost) religiously. love her.
5. lisa ling. she's an inspirational journalist. i wanna grow up to be like her.

things i can't live without
1. oxygen
2. water
3. nutrition
...ok fine that was lame. scrap that.
1. literature
2. music
3. good conversation
4. football
5. my handphone (i know, it's kinda sad)

i wish i could
1. travel the world before i start working
2. be more empathetic
3. foresee the future
4. make sure my loved ones live forever
5. eliminate war

i want
1. freedom for everyone
2. to be less of a sheltered brat and more of a mature person-of-the-world
3. education for all
4. to change at least one person's life
5. happiness

songs that i think are awesome
- this list is inexhaustible. there are just too many awesome songs out there. it's impossible to choose just 5. it'd be an injustice for all the other songs! so, as an advocate for equality among songs, i shall refrain from completing this list.

how i see myself in 10 years
still studying, still learning, still committed to being the best doctor i can be

random facts
1. i watch american chopper and love every minute of it
2. i hate being seen as "one of the guys"
3. i wore a tie every day in school from age 11-19
4. my favourite breed of dog is the golden laborador
5. calluses are the bane of my life

just one: that i have no feelings for anyone to hurt

as usual, i'm not gonna tag anyone. =)


just a little ramble here.

i absolutely loathe it when guys dish out dirty comments and jokes or talk about sexual conquests in front of me. i hate it even more when there are vulgarities involved. i don't understand why some men think it's impressive to display how much you like to ridicule the reproductive system of the human body and attach some swear words in the process. especially in the company of women.

get it straight. it is not freaking impressive. it's downright repulsive and offensive. it shows how disrespectful you are towards women.

i'm perfectly alright if you save those conversations with your boys, but please...don't swear and swagger in front of girls, even if it's girls you don't fancy and have no intention to impress.

we don't appreciate it. so don't do it.

lishun at 4:07 PM