Monday, July 31, 2006

the chinese widow

a long time ago, a woman stood by the ocean waiting for her husband to come home. she didn't know that she was no longer a wife, but a widow, as her beloved had perished at sea months before. however, she still waited in the kind of faith only ignorance can bring. as time passed, her body turned to stone and she became a mountain known as "cina balu" or chinese widow.

doesn't the name sound familiar, now?


taxi with a view
mt.kinabalu, as seen from the taxi on our way up to mesilau nature resort.

mt. kinabalu in all its dark glory
the chinese widow in all her dark glory.

bishop's head hostel 1
home - for the first night at least.

before the most treacherous hike of my life
raring to go, right before the climb [ l-r: markus, me, woan fung, june ]

life on the edge
living on the edge of a waterfall.

jamban dalam hutan
that, ladies and gents, is a flush toilet. really.

after 8hrs in the cold, wet jungle, a cup of tea is worth more than gold

split the sky
a downpour, a welcome ray of light, a wonder

sunset at laban rata
God serves up a treat at sunset

vanity on the mountain
the compulsory camwhoring pic


tomorrow: the pathetic few pics i took at the peak. markus! june! woan fung! i want pics!!!

lishun at 9:40 AM