Wednesday, July 23, 2008


from "long cases in surgery" by samresh benerjee:

ask about the nature and amount of the vomiting. is the vomiting is associated with pain or does not follow eating. ask the patient if he is even vomited blood.

abadominal distension: ask the patient whether he has noticed and abdominal distension. it is painful and relief by vomiting a defecation.

palpitation: ask the patient whether he gets sudden attack of techy cards.

drug history: ask the patient whether he is on starodis, insulin or any other drug.

a vomiting is not occur in chronic ulceration. if there is vomiting it may sufficient pyloric obstruction. ask about the heartburn. is there any history of haematenesis and malaena. a careful history whether the patient taking very steriods, analgesic.

...all within the first 5 pages. and this guy has an frcs. i'm returning the book tomorrow.

lishun at 9:50 PM