Thursday, August 07, 2008

the next 3 weeks

i had an awful night. i tried to get to sleep but my mind was filled with various thoughts about how i was going to fare in today's exam and how i'm going to get back home tonight, pack for two trips and try to enjoy myself during both of them. i was worried about logistics, my performance, pleasing my parents and family. it was a terrible, terrible 60 minutes of chest pain and palpitations. perhaps it was an anxiety attack, i dunno.

but now, my exam's gone a little better than expected, my stuff's almost packed, i'm letting go of a couple of engagements so i can get a good night's sleep tonight, and i'm preparing a list of things to do tomorrow before my holidays really begin.

and what will i be doing for the next three weeks? visiting the following places!

i'd be lying if i said i weren't super stoked!

goodbye semester 6! you've been an absolute pain to go through, but i'm done with you and i'm 6 months closer to becoming an overworked, under-appreciated slave of the health profession! yay!

lishun at 4:05 PM