Thursday, July 31, 2008

in my world

so he was beat up and obviously his abdomen hurt. he even peed blood. so what happened to him? probably some kinda injury to the urinary tract, no?

well, in lishun's world, he has acute pancreatitis, perforated viscus and cholecystitis because he presented with peritonitis symptoms. and also in lishun's world, his abdomen doesn't need to be palpated deeper because it's extremely tender. which is why she missed a mass in the abdomen that was most probably a haematoma at one of the potential spaces in the peritoneum. and while we're talking about lishun's world, good perfusion there is indicated by urine output of 35ml/kg body weight.


i seriously do not deserve to be a doctor. i can't think of anyone stupider than me right now. just wanna crawl into a hole in the ground and declare myself banned from the hospital because my stupidity could potentially cause harm to patients.

on the bright side, i probably won't make the same mistake again. but then, i'm not sure if i'd live to make anymore mistakes because at the rate i'm going, everyone will be after my neck pretty soon.


lishun at 10:25 AM