Monday, August 04, 2008

if it takes

there is an unused purple wristband on my table. she should have worn it last night, but she didn't. all the hype and excitement of the tour cannot possibly make up for the lost time, lost opportunity. every word spoken, every song sung was like an arrow piercing through me because she wasn't there to hear it.

it took 14 days for the girl in the story. will it take 14 years for her? just 12 more to go, i guess.

somehow i couldn't help but wonder if i didn't do enough.

just as i was falling asleep, she called me. she repeated the same two words over and over again, "i'm desperate." i couldn't go to her, i could only listen. but i could feel my heart break.

if it takes 14 years, Lord, then that's what it'll take. i don't care. just save her!

lishun at 8:04 AM