Thursday, August 28, 2008

photo mania

i have so many photographs of singapore and indonesia that i don't know how or where to even start posting them up here! aargh! but i shall try. here are some of my favourite shots from indonesia, all taken off the photo albums on facebook.

on the way to monas (monumen nasional) in jakarta

chess players outside the post office in kota, jakarta

rumah ebo, the little hotel we stay in while in bandung

in the train from bandung to jogja. it was a sleepless 8hr ride

the jogja train station. it has some historical significance, which i can't remember right now

i <3 jogja!

i stalked this little boy and his father during the national day celebrations, lol

the sendratari ramayana stage, with prambanan as a gorgeous backdrop

just to prove that i really did go to borobudur

with one of my travel companions, michelle

oh lookeee, there really is a buddha statue in every stupa!

my favourite shot of prambanan

i love this because, well, this was a difficult one!

you can see more here, here, here, here and here.

lishun at 9:32 AM