Monday, September 29, 2008


you're easy to love and so hard to hate, you said you'd be early but you made me wait.

my back still hurts. i really should prolly see a doctor.

i need new contact lenses.

oh crap i haven't finished my reports.

this is turning out to be a shorter week than i expected.

you're a character in my story, a fable that won't come true.

mamma mia is ridiculously funny! sun, you're right - itu dia pierce brosnan can't sing.

but he looks really good for 50+. though tim daly still beats 'em all.

i'm actually kinda jealous that my niece gets my bed during the day when she comes over.

are we going to kkb tomm? are we? are we are we?

i hear laughter from the telly downstairs. will pop down and watch a bit.


lishun at 8:14 PM