Thursday, September 25, 2008


it'd be nice if someone noticed my car isn't in its usual parking spot and wondered if i were okay. or if someone realised i didn't turn up today and asked my housemates what happened to me. it'd be pretty sweet if i received a text message saying, "dude, where r u? r u orite?" because someone missed me.

it didn't happen, though. either no one cares or i just don't matter that much.

a couple of years ago, this would bother me to no end. now? i just want my back pain gone so i can go back to the ward and find out if that boy really has measles or not.

physical pain trumps emotional insecurity, anytime.


sigh. i just lost my temper at the lady at the parking booth for charging me rm1 to drop someone off at the train station. i felt terrible afterwards. it's not her fault. there's probably some way her boss checks that the money and number of times she raises the barrier must tally. plus it's just rm1. but it seemed like such a ridiculous thing to do at the time, and i was less than polite as i handed over the money.

it's easy to say that it's the pain talking, but my brain is connected to my mouth and i should have known better. sigh.

lishun at 10:08 AM