Saturday, December 06, 2008

a christmas wishlist

whenever i think of christmas wishlists, a sense of guilt just overwhelms me and questions like "why am i so materialistic?" and "do i really need that?" course through my mind. which is why i attempt to make myself feel a little less selfish by wishing for things that do not require shopping of any kind. lame effort at consoling myself, eh?

alright, alright, i'm already gonna get something from my (material-object-laden) wishlist for christmas. thanks trisha for getting me a manchester united jersey! =) more like thanks for arguing the case enough so i was compelled enough to part with 25 pounds for it. i've always wanted one, although the ones i had in mind were the jerseys from the 90s. but hey, at least i have one now! and this season's broken white strip at the back is pretty stylin', no? hehe.

so here's my compensatory non-material christmas wishlist (in no particular's coming off the top of my head as i type, actually!).

1. an extra week of study break.
2. a photographic memory
3. tonnes of discipline
4. motivation to study harder
5. a (super obvious words-in-the-sky) sign as to whether i should do housemanship here or take entrance exams to australia/states.
6. a cure for diabetes that doesn't involve transplants.
7. a better relationship with my parents.
8. an even greater relationship with God.
9. a successful christmas production in imu.
10. closer friends within my social group here in imu.
11. pleasant weather during the weekends that i spend in seremban.
12. for my niece to be spoiled silly, haha.

can't think anymore. my mind is starting to move towards books and cds and trips and guilt trips. lol. sigh. why am i so materialistic??? urgh.

lishun at 7:54 AM